At Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc., we are committed to providing safe, quality products for you and your pets to enjoy. Recent events in many industries have placed great focus on the use of paints and coatings, with particular emphasis on avoiding lead. Of course, we share those concerns and focus.

In order to ensure the safety of your pet and your peace of mind, Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc. maintains strict quality control with our product sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. We test our products at certified, independent testing laboratories to assure the strictest conformity with the highest safety standards.

But because we are so serious about this commitment, we go even further. We have had our test results reviewed by an independent, world-renowned veterinarian toxicology expert. Our expert evaluates the independent laboratory results and rates the safety of our products. We are pleased that our expert has found our products to be safe and non-toxic. All of our ornaments are made & painted with inert materials that are 100% safe for all aquatic & reptilian environments.

(Please note, our decor and dog toys are not recommended for uses other than what they are intended for & although our products are safe, your pets are your responsibility. It is up to you that proper care & maintenance should be practiced at all times. DO NOT allow ingestion to occur.)

For additional information about Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc. quality testing and safety standards, please contact Vincent Senese at 631-864-1555 or by email at